What Is A Candleoholic?

How to cure the horrible addiction to scented candles. Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative has found the cure forever!


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The Candleoholic

Ok, so we all know the symptoms of certain types is isms. The typical candleoholic is really no different than an alcoholic, drug addict, sex addict, caffeine addict, sugar addict or one of a million other types of addictions in this world of ours. The symptoms range in nature from common to the bizarre, and often, we will miss the most minute causes of candleoholism, and think that the person is just going through some type of weird phase. But, do not think for one minute that this is the case. The classic candleoholic can become dangerous when going without the candle fix for a long period of time. Disorientation, inability to concentrate, shakiness, nervousness, trembling and all other classic cases will be seen with the candleoholic until he can get his next candle fix.

What is a candleoholic?

The Candleoholic is one who has chosen a…

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