The Avon Candle Collection Live Event

Due to technical difficulties, I was not able to hold The Avon Candle Collection Live Event today. However, plans are currently in motion to rectify this problem very soon.


Technical Difficulties Stopped the Avon Candle Collection Live Event

I just wanted to take the opportunity to apologize to my followers and fans for the technical difficulties I experienced today in bringing The Avon Candle Collection Live Event to a stop. Everything was in place, the studio was prepared properly, the lighting was just right, the candles were arranged nicely, and I had just the right approach that I was going to use when the whole thing came to a stop.

It may have been a YouTube interruption as everything on my end was in place to hold a great online presentation to show the wonderful Avon Candles that are now available from Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative.

I spent a good deal of time, energy and writing to promote the event, to have it not come to fruition; however, the good news is this. I never give up. I have been…

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