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Avon Candles are among the finest scented candles in the world. Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative has tried many candles over the years, and this is what she has to say about the Candles of Avon.
“Since very early times, I have loved candles. My husband and I used to make our own scented candles years ago. The whole process of burning scented candles is more about the esoteric moods that they set about in any home, office or living area. The candle, gently and quietly burning in the background, and evoking pleasant fragrances for the senses, just serves to make a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere to live and work within.”

Having said this, it is a fact that Avon Candles burn longer, create a more scented, but understated aroma in the home, and simply offer more than other candles do in this area. The scents of Avon will all be included within The Avon Candle Collection. Here, there will be all the information, ideas, candles, scents, overviews, reviews and insider information about the most wonderful candle lineup found on the web today.

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