Avon Candles-The Best Part of the Day!

Avon Scented Candles by Deborah Hamilton Twitter Moment//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Coming Home to the Scents of Avon!

The pleasing aroma of home. What could be better than coming to a place of sanctuary, rest, peace, harmony, good living and enjoying the settling flicker of an Avon Scented Candle provided by Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative.

Anyone. Man, woman, child all carry the same feelings of candles that flickr and smell great in a room. There is something about watching that passive flame that invokes a type of spiritualism to any setting. No matter where you are, home, office, hotel room, dormitory, or other destination, there is always room for the small package that contains the pleasing scents of choice called Avon Candles.

Click the candle image above and follow the @butchhamiltons Twitter Moment to get a better feeling and overview of the whole process that is called Avon Scented Candles. We think that you will come to know a little more about why we call Avon: The Avon Way of Life!

Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative
Text 806-227-0891
Email deborah@avon.33mail.com
Avon Calling!

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