Avon White Sandalwood Candle by Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative

Avon White Sandalwood Candle is like taking a vacation at the beach!

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Avon White Sandalwood Candle by Deborah Hamilton

Using this scented candle from Avon is just like going to the beach, minus the sand, flies, mosquitos and sun! When you first light this candle, you begin to get the sense that something wonderful is about to take place. Esoteric in nature, the Avon White Sandalwood Candle available now from Deborah Hamilton=Avon Representative, will send a message to your brain that all is well with the world, and its time to take a break and just sit back and relax.

As a matter of fact, as with all the Avon Scented Candles from Deborah Hamilton, rest, relaxation, chilling out and all that has to do with making things right in your world is now available just for using and enjoying the wonderful aromatic blends available from Avon.

Deborah has made it all so simple, easy, efficient and safe to purchase her Avon candles directly from two sources:

  1. Avon Calling! @ https://www.avon.com/product/white-sandalwood-candle-55233?rep=deborahhamilton

  2. Avon Scented Candles Facebook Shop @ https://www.facebook.com/pg/Avon-Scented-Candles-1339026096117737/shop/

Either of these sources is quick, easy, simple, safe and secure in which to shop, browse and find anything and everything that your heart desires.

By clicking on the links in this article, takes one to the right spot in which to locate this wonderful Avon candle, or the other scents that are currently available. There are some specials going on right now online, so make the effort to shop with Deborah Hamilton soon.

Hints for more successful viewing and enjoying Avon Scented Candles.
1. Always choose a central location in which to place your candle.
2. Light the candle with an approved candle lighting device.
3. Enjoy the gently flickering candle light by dimming room lights.
4. Burn Avon candles for a few hours to receive the maximum scent value.
5. Never leave candle unattended. All Avon Candles are safe and approved; however, using coming sense makes great sense when enjoying the candles.
6. When finished enjoying Avon Candles NEVER blow them out! This will cause smoke and soot around the glass edge. Use something like a wooden pencil to gently hold the wick down until extinguished.

We want you to LOVE our Avon Candles! When you order and use them, please send a review to us, and we will publish it on our one of a kind website titled: The Avon Candle Collection ( https://theavoncandlecollection.wordpress.com ). This is our way of thanking all our customers and clients who choose to shop with Deborah Hamilton-Avon Representative.

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